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Pie Baking Contest

Roll up your sleeves, put your baking skills to the test and join us for our first pie baking contest on June 22, 2024!


Contest Rules

  • One pie entry per person.

  • Pie entries should be prepared in a disposable 9-inch pie tin.
  • The title of your pie, your name, phone number, and recipe must accompany your pie entry.

  • Ingredients used must be all natural and do not contain any artificial ingredients, coloring or chemical preservatives.

  • Pie entries must be delivered on Saturday, June 22, to Railyard Pie Company between 9 and 11 a.m.

Judging will take place on June 22 at 2 p.m. Pies will be judged based on taste, presentation and creativity. The winner will be announced immediately following the judging.

The winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize and be invited to ride on the Railyard Pie Company float in Edmond's LibertyFest Fourth of July parade! Additionally, the winning pie will earn a spot of honor on our menu for a month for all to enjoy!

To register for the contest, please stop by Railyard Pie Company to complete the registration form. Deadline to register is June 20.

Have questions? Contact us at

Pie-Eating Contest

What's better than a pie-eating contest? We're keeping the festivities alive after LibertyFest's Fourth of July parade with a pie-eating contest that's all about bringing our community together a spectacle of unity, laugher and shared joy.

Immediately following the parade, join us at Railyard Pie Company to watch members of our community participate in our pie-eating contest. Participants will include representatives from each Edmond high school football team, the Edmond Police Department, the Edmond Fire Department and more!

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