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Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance of desired pick-up date. *If you are unable to order pies online, we have reached full capacity of orders. Please check back soon!

Life is both sweet and savory

A Railyard Pie represents family, community, and togetherness — even when we're apart. There's no scent more inviting than a freshly baked pie, with an aroma that calls to you, instantly summoning memories of joyful times and promising that the best is yet to come.


Railyard Pie Co. bakes memories into every pie. Inspired by the warm, friendly kitchen of founder Lynn Muir’s grandmother, Mae, Railyard pies are crafted with heart and soul. Love is a key ingredient, but it’s not a secret one. We speak the universal language of pie, and we view each one as a gift, each bite a celebration. 

So, grab a fork, find your seat, and take a bite.

Happiness has arrived.

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